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Mature content
Elentari-The Starkindler :iconrhia474:Rhia474 3 0
Contest Entry: The Last Battle by Rhia474 Contest Entry: The Last Battle :iconrhia474:Rhia474 5 4
This Is Why We Fight, Chapter 13: Yours To Command
 “Evening, Savior,” they greet her as she makes her rounds. They stand at attention, nod, some even salute and try to show that they are just fine, but Adele feels their fear just as palpably as the dream that gripped her heart a short time ago. The dream that woke her up with a defiant cry on her lips and her body and hair soaked in sweat, her heart racing, and her right hand reaching out towards her bedside to grab Enserric.
Just a dream, she told herself, and lighted a candle, splashed water on her face and threw clothes on.
Just a dream, she repeated as she padded down to the side chapel The Seer set up for her use, holding her boots on her hands, and nodding to the white-clad acolytes still holding a prayer vigil by Eilistraee’s altar in the main nave.
Just a dream, she sighed into the cold air, as she kneeled on her rug and made the sign of Torm over her heart.
Just a dream, she murmured
:iconrhia474:Rhia474 1 2
The Coming of Arthur by Rhia474 The Coming of Arthur :iconrhia474:Rhia474 4 1
This Is Why We Fight, Chapter 12: Vows and Wars
 Vows and Wars
He is late, and Adele is getting more clammy-handed by the moment.
She doesn’t even remember the last time she was like this; not even in front of the Primarch, berating her for moral transgression and illicit trysts in the library with Cornelyan, not during her final examinations, not when she met Nasher Alagondar, Lord of Neverwinter the first time, not when she had to debrief after Undrentide…
Her hands are sweaty, but at least she’s clean. The meeting with The Seer, Nathyrra, Imloth and the two resident Matron Mothers of the City (one of them, Zesyyr Maeviir being brand new after her mother regrettably didn’t survive an unspecified ‘accident’, as Nathyrra said with an expression on her face that suggested Adele really shouldn’t ask) lasted for hours, and was very detailed. She felt rather drained by the end, but glad it was over and decisions were made and that she finally could go to her
:iconrhia474:Rhia474 2 2
This Is Why We Fight, Chapter 11. Passages
 A/N: Yes, the last two chapters and this cover a series of events fairly close to each other, forming a kind of a ‘triptych’. It’s fully intentional, as in my story here is the crux of the relationship between Adele and Valen.
 As always, many thanks to my readers who keep reviewing and favoriting, despite this not being a usual romance plot. Good things take time…
When she comes to, she’s swaddled in blankets, there’s a little fire not far from her, and a hushed but very tense whispered conversation is going on by her ear.
“We need to move them both as soon as possible. My healing powers can only do so much, I’m still not fully recovered and I’m not sure if it’s even possible from me in this environment, there’s still so much lingering death magic. Is your city far from here?”
“Not my city, Heaven-lady. But yes, is far. B
:iconrhia474:Rhia474 1 2
Mature content
This Is Why We Fight, Chapter 10: Mine :iconrhia474:Rhia474 2 3
This Is Why We Fight, Chap 9: Something Is Coming
“And then our brave heroine, with radiant smile on her benevo... Boss, how you spell ‘benevolent’?”
“All this time traveling with her and you still haven’t had a chance to practice it? Here, let me help you, Master Scalesinger… see?” Scratching noise on parchment, small whistle.
“Neat lettering you have, Goat-man. Be that a double ‘l’?”
There is a sigh.
“I am not quite sure if we could possibly make any more noise while sneaking up on an entire nest of vampires, gentlemen, but if you think we can, I’ll ask Enserric to contribute to the discussion.”
“Oh. Sorry, Boss.” Deekin’s face: almost, but not quite contrite. “We be discussing penmanship and…”
“And apparently this was the last time I’ve helped your kobold with the fine arts of calligraphy,” Valen mutters darkly, but he bites his lip hard to keep from smiling, as he bows.
:iconrhia474:Rhia474 2 1
This Is Why We Fight 8.- Lost
"A what?" Adele isn't sure she heard Nathyrra right. "The Valsharess is getting ready to crush your city, I'm about to embark on yet another mission to reduce the number of her allies, this time against a bunch of unspecified 'undead' your scouts describe so vaguely that even I, a paladin can't figure out what's going on and I'm supposed to go to a reception?"
"You're way too serious, has no one told you this before?" Nathyrra smiles, with a slight shrug, and Adele can't help but think, you've no idea. "Having receptions and parties and suchlike while the world burns is a time-honored drow tradition. The Seer deems it fit to celebrate the birth of House Deani's new heir: I hear and obey." She tilts her head to a side. "I suggest you do the same; it would actually help you to learn about the undercurrents of drow politics."
Adele sighs.
"I suppose this is as good time as any," she admits. "Let's see how my informal and often language-challenged conversations
:iconrhia474:Rhia474 1 2

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The Barbarian
Eben Al-Salal, the Calimshite barbarian, done Conan-style for my Tales of Moonsea character calendar for my amazing online gaming group.
Happy Halloween 2016
Another gift for my amazing fellow NWN2 persistent world players from Tales of Moonsea, showing, from left to right, Lynette Trevelois, paladin of Sune, Bela Wilkino, swashbuckler, and Emilia Ashby-Dryden, cleric of Tyr. Yes, they are in costume, representing the three witches--and yes, Emilia kept trying to hitch that skirt higher but the other two told her she was juuuust fiiine.

Happy Halloween, gang--you are the best!


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Taking commissions

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 6:20 PM
If you're interested and have something you think would be neat in my style, let me know. Now that my daughter is older, I have more time to work and play with lights, textures and even the occasional postwork.



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